Industries Served

Casey Machine does business in a number of industries. Some of the most popular industries served by Casey Machine Co. are Aerospace, Commercial and Military.

  • Aerospace

    Casey Machine is AS 9100 Rev C certified not just compliant. Suppliers for most of the leading commercial and military aerospace manufacturers rely on Casey to provide components for their most challenging projects. Whenever extreme accuracy and high reliability are required such as emergency evacuation systems, fuel controls, engine pumps and weapons systems, Casey Machine meets the challenges head on. When failure is not an option Casey Machine is the supplier of choice. We participate in an array of ship-to-stock and zero-defect programs by various customers such as Moog Inc., Curtiss Wright, Cobham Inc., and Parker Hannifin.

  • Space and Defense

    Casey Machine is focused on meeting the high reliability requirements of space and defense products. We supply components used for rocket engines, vibration isolation, space craft controls, missile systems, and launch vehicles. Some of our products have land, sea and air applications.

  • Firearms

    Casey Machine provides engineering and manufacturing support to the firearms industry. We go from napkin sketch to full scale production on a variety of firearms and weapons systems. Component applications include bolts, pins, triggers, feed ramps and receivers. Please contact us with any questions you may have pertaining to our firearms manufacturing capabilities.

  • Medical

    The demanding record keeping, traceability, and manufacturing standards of aerospace and military work translate well in meeting the stringent manufacturing standards of FDA requirements for medical equipment manufacturing. Casey Machines’ deburring department, comprised of 17 full time employees, is capable of finishing even the most complex parts. The extremely tough requirements can only be achieved with vigorous process monitoring. Casey Machine sees a lot of room for growth in the medical industry. Some of our customers include Accellent and Wright Medical.

  • Fluid Power

    Casey Machine provides component to customers who produce precision fluid control systems for applications ranging from oxygen systems to fuel delivery. We are flexible and react quickly to our customers’ needs. Where precision and reliability are mandatory customers like Parker Hannifin, Zodiac Aerospace (Avox), Purolator-Facet and Valvetech turn to Casey Machine.

  • Industrial

    Casey Machine provides components used in high performance tools and machinery. Challenging industrial applications involving motion control, electric, hydraulic, hybrid technologies require reliability to achieve high productivity and energy efficiency at less cost. Customers include Dynabrade, Hayden Kerk and AMT.

  • Instrumentation

    Our customers make products for analysis, measuring, testing and monitoring in a variety of different industries from automotive to healthcare and sports. They purchase components from Casey to ensure quality and precision. Some of these customers include Kistler, and PCB.

  • Sports and Recreation

    Casey Machine partnered with a startup company Douglas Outdoors to manufacture components for fishing reels. Working with a new company on a new product requires both flexibility and commitment to the process as drawings and deadlines continually change. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is a primary business objective.

  • Pharmaceutical

    This industry relies on stringent manufacturing specifications to develop and produce medications that make our lives better. Our extensive experience with high grade alloys and other materials provide corrosion/abrasion resistance and high temperature capabilities that extend the service life and ensure the efficient performance of our customer’s equipment.

  • Environmental

    Casey Machine has the experience and equipment to provide vital components for the chemical feed systems for the treatment and disinfection of drinking water. Water treatment, testing, reclamation and purification processes are critical to our health, safety and environment. Casey Machine has a track record of reliability, dependability, flexibility and responsiveness to our customers needs.