Subassembly Services

At Casey Machine we provide subassembly services to our customers. We manufacture all of your individual components and put them together to form a single unit. Outsourcing sub-assemblies to Casey Machine is beneficial because it allows our customers to focus on what they’re good at, leaving the details to us.

Subassembly Made By Casey Machine Co.
Subassembly Made By Casey Machine Co.

Casey provides the value added service of coordinating with outside processors which allows our customers to manage fewer vendors and still receive complete quality components.

  • Subassembly— We start by making custom components for our customers from raw materials. Using your design and we create your precision machined pieces. We then take those individual pieces and put them together to make one unit. This unit then becomes part of an even larger system.
  • Kitting — We gather up the tools, supplies, machined pieces and paperwork you need to complete even your most complex jobs. We execute all of the initial set up and deliver your custom kit containing all of the pieces to you ready for assembly.
  • Bar Coding— We provide a bar coding service to our customers who are looking for an automatic identification system for their components. We use standard bars of different heights and thicknesses printed on adhesive paper which can then be read by a laser scanner.
  • Part Marking—We will mark each part with a serial code of your choice. Making it easy for you to identify, track and trace your parts.
    • Electrochemical Marking – A permanent part marking process done by hand using a stencil, chemical solution, and an electrode marking head.  This can only be used on conductive material.
    • CNC Engraving- A part marking process executed using CNC machine. Codes are permanently etched into each piece.
    • Ink Stamping- A permanent part marking process done by hand with a special ink and stamp.
  • Riveting—We provide riveting services. A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener used to join two parts or plates together. A metal pin with a head passes through two or more holes. The end without the head is then hammered to a head after insertion. Applications include ship building, railroad, and aircraft.
  • Heli-Coil Insertion—Heli Coil is a brand name for STI (screw thread insert). The coil is diamond shaped 304 wire which is installed into a hole to provide internal screw threads that accommodate a standard bolt or screw. Applications include auto motive, communications, military and aerospace. Tools used to insert STI’s are either pneumatic, electronic or hand powered.
completed sub assembly
The Pieces Shown Above as a Completed Subassemby Piece

Additional Services
Casey Machine has highly skilled engineers who are a valued design resource to our customers. Though we do not create designs for our clients, we are an essential partner when it comes to identifying and reducing issues in the manufacturing process. Send us your designs in a PDF format and we will provide our experienced feedback.

We also coordinate all processes such as heat treatment, anodize, passivation, FPI and MPI, painting, plating, laser marking, grinding, chemical conversion, and EDM with outside vendors to provide customers a complete part. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors, which our clients find valuable.

Industries Served
We specialize in subassemblies for the Aerospace industry. Most applications are for actuation and primary flight control.

Why Casey
We want you to think of Casey Machine Co. as more than just a machine shop, we are a partner you can trust. With almost 40 years of growth we are known for our technical expertise, flexibility and responsiveness. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We don’t just make and sell components, we build relationships.

We continue to invest in new technology each year to stay competitive in the marketplace. Each year we purchase technologically advanced equipment to help us solve our customers problems whether they be quality, cost or on time delivery.

Contact us today to learn more about Casey Machine’s Subassembly Services, or to request a quote for your next project.
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