Methods (CAD/CAM)


Casey continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology to facilitate quicker development which translates to cost reductions for our customers down the road.  Our exceptional engineers have changed from Smart Cam (CAD/CAM system 2D only) to the following for the development of your product:

Space Claim (CAD)

  • Reads 2D and 3D models and can repair bad models
  • Drawing time is faster
  • Allows Casey to obtain 3D models from its customers in a variety of formats
  • Viewing in 3D helps with visual effects and the quoting process
  • Space Claim allows files to be shared between engineers

Part Maker (CAM)

  • Imports 3D models from Space Claim facilitating a more rapid programming process
  • Generates programs for Casey’s variety of machines, as well as future upgrades
  • Aids in the quoting process by providing realistic run time cycles
  • Profiles are saved on the server allowing any engineer to access them


As part of Casey Machines commitment to ongoing improvements, cost control and lean initiatives we will be upgrading to an ERP system to streamline the production process and link all departments together.