Machine Operations

Casey Machine has almost 40 years of experience machining parts for aerospace and other industries. We operate a world class facility with a variety of CNC machines which allows us to fill even large orders on a tight schedule. We produce parts in an array of sizes and complexities since we have a mixture of horizontal and vertical machining centers and precision milling and turning lathes with multiple axes. Our shop has room for expansion of new cells and contains enough horizontal and vertical machining centers to handle multiple high volume orders.


Working closely with our customers, we identified that some projects required complex CNC turn/mill shapes and tight tolerances, but the diameters ranging from .019”-1.49”, were not well suited for our fixed headstock machines. They were ideal candidates for CNC Swiss machining. CNC Swiss services offer fast turnaround times, low job costs, and superior quality results. Unlike conventional lathes where the part is stationary and the tool moves, on a Swiss-type machine, the tooling is stationary and part is moved. Tightly held parts are moved along the Z axis by rigid guide bushings – which eliminates part deflection, thereby increasing machining accuracy. Ultra-precise tolerances on Swiss machined parts are typically ±.0001″.Possessing fully automatic magazine bar-fed technology with part catching and indexing capabilities, our CNC Swiss turning machinery can handle stock lengths up to 12′ and works with a wide range of materials up to 1.5″ in diameter.  Swiss type machining enables us to run longer parts with tighter tolerances and longer threads for example, bone screws for the medical industry.  Swiss machines have the ability to make parts complete.  This equates to cost reductions because parts don’t move machine to machine, each requiring additional set up time.  Our machines can be programmed and loaded to run “lights out”.Casey Machines ability to provide customers with ultra-precision machined parts is what makes us an industry leader, and our dedication to possessing the most advanced CNC Swiss machining technology is one way we stay ahead of our competition.


Casey Machine’s 25 CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) lathe turning centers can quickly and reliably produce the precision parts our customers demand. We’re able to manufacture parts in a wide variety of complexities with dimensions as small as 1/16” up to a 5” diameter. Our lathes take up to 2 5/8” bar stock and have a 5” chucking capacity, as well as gang slide and live tooling. Turning is a machining process where the cutting tools are static and the workpiece rotates. These machines are best utilized for parts requiring extreme precision, hard turning (heat treated material) and delicate work holding. Our staff has more than 900 collective years of manufacturing experience and can use these machines to produce even the most complex components in alloys like Monel and Inconel. Our machine shop has more than enough square footage to handle large orders as well as a dedicated production area for spot buys.


Casey Machine boasts a well-equipped CNC machine shop with full, 3 and 4-axis vertical and horizontal machining centers with rotating cutters that perform quick and efficient cutting, milling, and drilling operations. This type of machining lends itself to odd shaped components where angular precision is required.  During CNC machining, our worktable moves in numerous dimensions around the part.  Casey Machine is ideally suited for these types of projects requiring an experienced and reliable partner who can deliver tight tolerance components.  Our innovative CNC milling technology offers live tooling capabilities, and automatic pallet changers for added efficiency and “lights out” manufacturing.  We work with a wide variety of materials, meeting ultra-tight tolerances as close as +/_.0001” on all part dimensions.  From spot buys to high-volume, long-run production, our AS 9100/ISO certified CNC milling services meet the diverse needs of multiple industries. Contact Casey Machine to learn more about our CNC milling capabilities or any of our other precision machining services.