Did you know Casey Machine has a deburring department?  17 full time, dedicated, “nose to the grind stone”, awesome employees responsible for refining edges that can’t be machined.  This department physically handles 90% of the jobs that go through the shop. Very intricate deburring of up to 20X magnification is performed here.  When is deburring not necessary?  Very rarely, only if parts come off the machine burr free and this is a very small percentage of time.

Typical steps to the day are: 1) checking your paperwork, 2) gathering the proper tools; such as pins, gauges and micrometers, 3) physically deburring the part, and 4) visually inspecting the part.  Performance is measured first by quality and second by the benchmark or number of pieces per hour established by the QTL (quality team leader).   Key skills required for the job are hand/eye coordination and good attention to detail.

Our employees have spent 37 years skillfully perfecting parts.  The parts are housings among other things, where critical intersecting holes carry fluids or gas through them, any burr or loose material could cause a disastrous effect in a part with a space application.  Getting distracted and losing your focus is where most mistakes are made.  The biggest change we have seen over the years is the introduction of new tools to aid in producing better products with ease and speed.  The department's hard work and ability to focus directly affect the appearance of the part.  They are a powerful asset to the organization and are totally committed to achieving excellence in their work.