Lean Initiatives

Cost control is one of Casey Machine’s driving forces when producing precision parts.  To ensure our customers get added value from their CNC parts program, we focus on making our machining services as efficient as possible.  We use lean manufacturing practices to help us identify and eliminate waste.  This aids in keeping our costs competitive and helps us constantly improve our processes.

Of course consistently producing quality components is about much more than cost control – it’s about limiting your risk. We do this by being AS9100 C and ISO 9001:2008 certified, not just compliant.  Quality control is another important way we reduce waste. We utilize SPC to monitor key characteristic dimensions of our precision components. This allows us to quickly identify problems in our production and correct them.  We approach quality improvements through lean activities such as defect tracking by utilizing PPM metrics, cause and corrective action, fishbone diagrams and root cause analysis.

We also control cost through our parts program management. We can source materials and provide engineering support before production begins. We can also manage finishing processes including anodizing, dry film lubrication, mag-particle inspection, powder coating and more.  We provide some sub assembly and kitting services if requested, so your parts arrive ready for use.

For more information about how our precision manufacturing services can reduce the cost of your parts program contact Casey Machine today.